Chasing Stars

In Pursuit of Michelin Excellence



Getting a Michelin star is the dream of most chefs and restaurant owners in France. And once they get their first star, they dream about the second star.


In this book we get inside the kitchens of 1-star Michelin restaurants in France (the home of the Michelin stars), and inside the minds of the starred chefs, to chronicle their struggles, their passions, their plans and how they are pursuing their second star.


This idea was born while driving through a dark, Provencal winter night with our friend, Jean-François Sylvestre of Le Grand Pré in Roaix (one star). He described how they work all day, every day, during the season; twelve, fourteen hours. In the off season they take a month to travel to 2-star restaurants in Europe to see what makes them a star ahead. Getting the second star is something they’ve dreamt about since getting the first one. It’s their Tour de France, their Nobel Prize, their Stanley Cup... you get the idea.


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How to Cook Bouillabaisse in 37 Easy Steps

Culinary Adventures in Paris & Provence



A tale of food, vineyards, and friendship in Paris & Provence.


“The leaves on the vines are big and green and grinning at the sun, the grapes hanging below. It’s a glorious summer day in Provence, one of those days that makes you want to get out your paints and easel. Today we are in the heart of one of the best wine regions of France for a day of cooking.”


They were moving from Canada to the California wine country when a change of plans took them on an unexpected trip to France. It turned out to be a love affair that didn't end. How to Cook Bouillabaisse in 37 Easy Steps chronicles their culinary adventures: shopping the food markets from Paris to the wine villages of Provence; learning how to make the perfect roast lamb from the village butcher; tasting their way around the 56 French AOC cheeses; creating authentic Paris bistro food in the kitchens of the Ritz. And of course, learning how to make bouillabaisse from an eccentric chef in Avignon.


Filled with rich detail and charming anecdotes, this is also a personal story of making friends, adopting a son from Vietnam, and discovering their place in the world.


Gourmand International Cookbook Award Winner

The Paris gourmet Food eGuide

A Culinary Guide to The City of Food



Take a journey through the world of gourmet food in Paris. The new edition of the Paris Gourmet Food eGuide helps you discover the belly of Paris — wine tastings, cooking classes, our fave restaurants, hidden épiceries and other gourmet food in Paris. Get behind the scenes and into the kitchens and markets.



The Planet Organic Market Cookbook

Good food. Good for you. Good for the Earth



The Planet Organic Market Cookbook is the result of one woman's remarkable career in the development of an organic, natural food market chain that spanned the country. "From the beginning," says Diane Shaskin, "the love of good, healthy food has brought people together, and I have always shared my favourite recipes in our stores...this book is my way of continuing this important tradition of sharing."



The recipes in the Planet Organic Market Cookbook include international dishes such as Mango Sesame Chicken, The Best Dal Ever, and Gazpacho-style Tomato Basil Soup - recipes which Shaskin point out "make for interesting vegetarian cooking as well."


Chapters include the 10 Best Things to Eat on our Planet, The 5 Best Desserts, Healthy Recipes for Children ("Feed Your Organic Sprouts"). There are recipes for appetizers, salads and dressings, soups, meat dishes, vegetarian main dishes, breakfasts, desserts and beverages. Additional information includes the top ten reasons to buy organic, cooking with beans and cooking with grains. 


Winter Greens

Solar Greenhouses For Cold Climates



Describes the optimal owner-built, family-size, attached solar greenhouse. Provides plans and detailed description to achieve maximum food production, a pleasant living space and a supply of heat to the house.



Over 350 illistrations and photographs. Illustrations by Terry Lyster.